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Frustrated Edits Duplicating When Changes are Made to "Saved as" Doc...

Recently this question was asked in the Google Docs Help Forum and I see it as a good time to review using "Make a Copy". I use "File Make a Copy" to  create templates of prior docs, slides, forms, and sheets. This makes life easier then rebuilding the document from scratch. It also wipes the "Revision History" clean and disconnects the document form all parties it was shared with. When you "Make a Copy" it is like starting over but with guidelines.

Please follow the below steps for making a copy:
  1. Open Google Doc
  2. Click File 
  3. Select Make a Copy 
  4. Edit Title 
  5. Select a Destination Folder 
  6. Click OK 
                                                           Best, Ms. Drasby


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                                                                                      Best, Ms. Drasby

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Best, Ms. Drasby