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Can I Change Slide Page Size?

Thank you for asking this question. Many people don't realize you can adjust the page size of a Google Slide. I think this is because they limit slide to just being a presentation tool when it is so much more! 

Please follow these steps:

Click on "File"Select "Page Setup"Click "Down Arrow" next to "Widescreen"Select "Custom"Type in Page Size numbersClick "Done"
                                              Best, Ms. Drasby

What Blogger Theme Do you Use?

Thank you Thiyagu for sharing this question. This blog uses the Blogger "Notable" Theme. If you are looking to change the theme to a Blogger Blog please follow the below directions.

Sign into Blogger DashboardScroll Down and Click ThemesThis will open the list of themes. Select a new theme by clicking on it. When you've selected the "Just Right Look" click the  orange  apply to blog  button.

How do I see revision history?

If the revision history is long enough it is broken down by years, months, days and even into minutes or seconds.

In the Docs Toolbar click file followed by scrolling down the list and selecting "See Revision History".

When viewing revision history if you click the arrows it will refine the history into smaller chunks of time.

                                                                     Best, Ms. Drasby