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How Do I Insert Second Page In a Doc?

I'm more than happy to help with inserting a second page to the Math Graphing Project.
Open the Google DocScroll down to the bottom of page In Toolbar Click Insert Select Page Break 
                                 Best,  Ms. Drasby

How do I Create a Google Sheets Dropdown List?

Drop down Lists may be easier than one thinks to create. One beauty of using drop down lists is it narrows down choices and saves time depending upon what one is using the lists for. Please follow these steps for creating your drop down list.

Creating a Google Sheet Drop down ListOpen a Google SheetClick the Cell for the Drop down ListIn Toolbar Click DataSelect Data ValidationClick "List from a Range" Down Arrow Select "List Type"Type DataClick  Save  Button
 I sure hope you find today's tip helpful!                                                                      Best, Ms. Drasby

Can I Add an Image Background to Google Calendar?

Yes it is possible to add an image background to a Google Calendar. First one will need to enable the Background Image Lab. The Background Image Lab will allow you to upload an image background to Google Calendar on the web.
Please Open Google CalendarClick Settings Gear Select Labs Enable Background Image Click  Save Button  Select General Tab Scroll Down to Calendar Background Section Select Choose Image Click Image Click Save Select Image Display:Centered, Tiled, or Scaled to Fit Click Save Button
                         Best,                                  Ms. Drasby

Can I Create Columns In a Google Doc?

Creating columns is a tool which was added earlier this year to Google Docs. It is a little tricky to use. If you choose an amount of columns right away you will have to type to the bottom of the page before the words continue in the next column. This works well if you are planning to use two or three column text to fill the whole page. However there may be times you only want to fill part of a page with two or more columns. So what do you do to make columns work?
Creating Partial Page ColumnsFirst type a Paragraph Highlight the Text In Toolbar Select Format Scroll Down & Choose Columns Select Amount of Columns

Can Sheets Text be Turned Inside a Cell?

Funny you asked this question! Recently this was an update Google included in this product. Please follow the directions below to place your text on a diagonal and etc...
Open a Google SheetClick a CellType a WordClick Text Rotation Tool                                        Best, Ms. Drasby