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How do I print without having Holidays appear?

One of the beauties of Google Calendar is the layering of individual calendars. The Holiday Calendar is generated in a separate calendar labeled as "Holidays" found under the "Other Calendar" section of the Google Calendars list.

If you follow the below steps it will hide the "Holiday" Calendar to prevent it from becoming printed along with your default calendar.
  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. In the listing on the left Go to "Other Calendars" 
  3. Click the Color-filled Box next to Holiday Calendar 
  4. This will remove the color from the box 
    • Calendar becomes hidden 
  5. Click the box again to add color 
    • Unhides Calendar 

Once the calendar is hidden select more in the toolbar and click print.

This will print the calendar information you are viewing on the screen.

                                                          Ms. Drasby


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