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How Do I Create a Text Link In Google Sheets?

Creating a Text link in Google Sheets is a piece of cake. First type the text inside a cell, followed by clicking the link icon in the toolbar. A pop-out window opens displaying the text and an area to type or paste a URL for Web based content.

  Best, Ms. Drasby

A Google Drive File was Deleted by Accident... What Can I Do?

One of the benefits of Google Drive is its capabilities to restore a file after being deleted to the trash bin. NOTE: If you empty the trash bin the files are permanently deleted.  However if you contact a Google Drive Specialist it may be possible to restore the file.

Following are the steps for restoring a deleted file.

Click Trash BinRight Click FileSelect Restore

Yes it is really that simple to restore a file from the Google Drive Trash Bin!                                                      Best, Ms. Drasby