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In Google Drive Can I Prevent People from Copying a Shared PDF?

Yes it is possible to prevent a shared file from being copied. All you have to do is right click the PDF  and a dropdown list opens.  Scroll down and select share, this will open a pop-out window. In the bottom right of the window click advanced. Check off "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers" followed by clickingsave changes. Don't forget to click the done button to complete the changes.

How do I take a screenshot with a Chromebook?

You can take a full page screenshot or a selected area screenshot with a Chromebook. Please follow these steps:

Full Page ScreenshotHold down the CTRL+ Partial Page ScreenshotHold down the Shift +CTRL+                   Best, Ms. Drasby

Can I create a Google Account with a different Email Account?

This is a question so often misunderstood. Yes! You can use a non Gmail email to create a Google Account. It is completely up to the individual if they would like to sign up for Gmail account too! 

Please use the following link to sign up for a Google Account using a non-Gmail Email:

                                                                Best, Ms. Drasby

Where is the Spell Checker in a Google Doc?

The "Spellchecker" tool is  located in the tool bar of a Google Document. Click the word "Tools" followed by "Spelling" to open the spellchecker tools. A pop-up window will open. All misspelled words become highlighted and a spelling suggestion is provided. The user will either click change or ignore. In the pop-up window there is a button which allows the user to add words to the dictionary.

How do I create exponents when using Google Slides?

I know writing math equation can seem like a challenge when using Google Slides. The following video demonstrates how easy and quick it is to create exponents in a Google Slides.

Best, Ms. Drasby

What Google Doc Font should I use for my Egyptian Project?

There are literally hundreds of font styles to choose from for a Google Doc. If I was creating a project about Egypt there are two fonts which I might use for creating titles and headings. The font styles I like are Algerian and Caesar.  

You can learn about installing Google Doc Fonts from the following Google Doc Help Center Article: Edit and format a document. Please pay special attention to the "Format your Font" section.

                                                                                      Best, Ms. Drasby