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I'd like to Save Google Calendar as a PDF...

Recently in the Google Calendar Help Forum I responded to the following question:

"I'd like to email my just my "availability" to my employers every week." 
I am thankful to the original poster (OP) for bringing up this topic.  Following is the answer provided by me:
"Have you tried clicking the settings gear? If not please try and follow the below steps: Select PrintChoose Print preview formatsClickPrintClick BlueSave ButtonSelect a Location Click BlueSave Button
This will allow you to save the Google Calendar as a PDF.
You ca then attach the PDF to a Microsoft Outlook Email.

Do let us know if you have further questions.

Ms. Drasby"

I am pleased the OP asked this question for it reminds us there are many different ways to share calendars and other files between two different programs.
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How to Restore Deleted Calendar Events

Events may go missing from a Google Calendar if accidently deleted. No worries for the events may be restored from the calendar's trash bin. Restoring events can only be done from the Internet Browser Version of a Google Calendar. Steps for Restoring EventsOpen Google Calendar Trash BinClick Settings Menu Check EventClick Undo Arrow Event is Restored

Can Google Drive "Quick Access" be Turned Off?

If you don't like using Google Drive "Quick Access" View it may be turned off. Please note this feature is there to help the user who frequently makes edits to files. It is a way to quickly access those files one may want to make additional edits to. The following steps show you how to "Turn Off" Quick Access.

Open Google DriveClick Settings (cog wheel)Select SettingsScroll to "Quick Access" SectionClick to Uncheck "Make relevant files handy when you need them"Click Blue DONE ButtonRefresh Browser

How do I Reorder Google Keep Notes?

It is easy to order Google Keep Notes. All you have to do is drag and drop the note into place. Organizing lists work by using drag and drop as well.

                                                      Best, Ms. Drasby

Frustrated Edits Duplicating When Changes are Made to "Saved as" Doc...

Recently this question was asked in the Google Docs Help Forum and I see it as a good time to review using "Make a Copy". I use "File Make a Copy" to  create templates of prior docs, slides, forms, and sheets. This makes life easier then rebuilding the document from scratch. It also wipes the "Revision History" clean and disconnects the document form all parties it was shared with. When you "Make a Copy" it is like starting over but with guidelines.

Please follow the below steps for making a copy:
Open Google DocClick File Select Make a Copy Edit Title Select a Destination Folder Click OK                                                             Best, Ms. Drasby

How Do I Disconnect Backup & Sync from External USB Drive Storage

Well! I'm not surprised to see this question. Whenever a New feature is released there seems to be quite a bit of front end user confusion. Please follow the below steps to disconnect your External USB Drive Storage Device from the New Google Drive Backup & Sync Google Drive Client.
On your computer, click Backup and Sync . Click More (3 vertical dots) Preferences. A Window Pops Open Scroll Down and Click USB Devices & SD Cards New Window Opens Scroll Down & Uncheck Plug in Camera or Phone to Backup Files Click   OK 
The above steps should prevent syncing between your laptop and an External USB Storage.
                                                                             Best, Ms. Drasby

Can I Change Slide Page Size?

Thank you for asking this question. Many people don't realize you can adjust the page size of a Google Slide. I think this is because they limit slide to just being a presentation tool when it is so much more! 

Please follow these steps:

Click on "File"Select "Page Setup"Click "Down Arrow" next to "Widescreen"Select "Custom"Type in Page Size numbersClick "Done"
                                              Best, Ms. Drasby